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The best place on the web to find senior housing.  Search from thousands of communities to find the best senior living solution for you.  We wanted to create a platform that puts people searching for senior housing and their loved ones as the top priority.  

Learn More About Elder Places

Elder Places was created for families looking for senior living options.
We strive to connect people in a way that has not yet been done in the senior housing industry.About Elder Places
Our website is easy to use and full of valuable information.  Our goal is to educate and connect families and their loved ones with valuable information that will help find the right senior housing solutions. Learn more about Elder Places by following us on our blog.  Get insight from industry leading professionals and hear stories of families just like yours trying to navigate the world of senior housing.  We believe that knowledge truly is power and want to empower those searching for senior housing.


With the creation of Elder Places we have solved three key issues when searching for Senior Living Communities.  These are the issue of searching from a distance, ease of use, and providing relevant information.

Searching from a distance.

Many families live in various cities in the US.  If one daughter lives in New York City, one in Chicago, one in Los Angeles, and mom and dad live in Houston it makes it very difficult for everybody to be involved in helping find a great place for their parents.  Elder Places makes this simple.  All you need to do is create a family account and then begin the search.  Each family member can favorite the communities that they like and narrow down the search.  Once the family has agreed upon three to five communities it becomes a much more manageable search.

Ease of Use

The internet has become the biggest source of information in the world.  We use it for everything from sending emails to buying groceries to buying a home.  Everything is at our fingertips and just a few clicks away.  So why should information about senior housing be any different.  At Elder Places its not!  All you need to do is go to www.elderplaces.com choose what city and type of senior housing your searching for and hit enter.  You can then use additional filters to narrow down your search or search using the map.  At Elder Places its easy to find the perfect senior living solution.  

Relevant Information

The senior housing industry is made up of communities and referral companies.  All of which are trying to get as much of your information as possible while giving you as little information about them as they can.  Elder Places is different, our goal is to educate you and give you as much information as possible about the options available to you.  Information like pricing, location, phone number, emails, and lots of pictures!  We are not a referral company and because we are not a referral company were not trying to pursued our site users to sign a lease with one company or another.  Instead we give you the information and allow you to connect directly to the companies that work best for you.  
Elder Places is a better way to search for senior retirement communities.  Visit us today and see how easy it is to find the perfect senior living solution for you!  Elder Places, finding senior communities that care!