Introducing Elder Places is the first online real estate site for senior housing. It makes searching for retirement communities easier than ever before.

There are many options online. Elder Places is unique in that we offer a platform that is easy for families to use when searching for retirement communities and is a great marketing tool for communities. This is the perfect combination to bring more senior housing options to people faster than ever before.

Why Elder Places Works

Number of communities.
The senior housing industry is growing at record rates as providers prepare for the growing number of seniors needing help. However, when you search online you are met with community websites that either have large marketing budgets or receive referral fees when you find your senior housing of choice. This limits the options for your loved ones. Elder Places makes it completely affordable for communities of all sizes to market online. Many providers that would have otherwise not been found are now available to you. We take pride in our process and are working towards giving you the most options for senior housing on the web. Visit Elder Places today to view the thousands of senior living communities available to you!

Ease of use.
Finding the the right senior housing option can be a daunting task especially considering the number of communities there are available to you. Elder Places helps make finding senior housing easier with its familiar interface and easy to use features. In many ways searching for senior housing is like finding the right house to purchase or renting an apartment; however, the information is not nearly as readily available. Elder Places changes this by giving you the right information to make an informed decision. Search for a community, favorite your preferences, and come back to them later or continue searching. With Elder Places finding the right senior housing just got a lot easier!

Connecting directly to the providers.
In today’s senior housing market it is difficult to connect directly to the communities. Most online options require you to enter your personal information and then a broker contacts you. You have little to no say in who ends up receiving your personal information. Elder Places changes this and puts you in control of the search process. You connect directly to the communities that you choose and tour at your convenience. With Elder Places you do not have to worry about unwanted marketers calling you. We give you all of the tools and put you in control of your search.

Get expert tips and advice.
Our expert team of bloggers gives you insight into experiences and information essential to senior living. Our writers are a team of medical and financial experts who have experience with searching for senior housing. Our goal is to provide information to you that is useful as you prepare and search for senior housing. Take advantage of years of knowledge on the Elder Places blog.


We are excited to announce the opening of Elder Places! We hope that it is a great resource and tool to you as you search for senior housing.

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