Retirement Communities

Retirement Communities


Retirement communities are growing fast across the United States. Their communities that allow people ages 55 and older to be members have. There are three main types of retirement communities. The first is 55 and older communities and then we have independent living communities and then we have continuing care retirement communities.

 55 and older communities55+ Communities Retirement Communities

55 and older communities are located across the US. They vary in size in location. Some of these communities our apartment buildings, while others are large development which stores and street lights. In a 55 and older community you can expect to have different options of how you live. Many of these communities require that you buy a home within their geographical area. Others are large apartments that you’re able to rent a room for a period of time. In the style Senior Living Holmes you do not receive any form of care in many of the housekeeping duties
are left to you as the resident or homeowner. They provide seniors with many social opportunities in fun activities. They also do away with much of the maintenance of owning your own home.


Independent living communities

Independent living communities R Apartments or rental homes that a senior can move into. Independent living provides no medical care however it will provide housekeeping maintenance and activities as well as meals.  They provide transportation two doctors appointments and various activities in the community.


Continuing care retirement communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities CCRC These communities have a range of care and services. They offer independent living attached to assisted living in nursing homes. Oftentimes there is a large buying in order to move into these communities and a resident needs to move into the
independent living. Once a part of these communities you are able to stay as long as you would like with no worry of going to a new place to get more care.


Retirement communities are great place to live. They offer many activities and opportunities to be around great people. They afford the resident or homeowner with a great deal of Independence but still gives a community feel in setting.